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Everything in moderation: including good advice

There’s been some interesting pieces written about coronavirus recently, from Ashley Fulwood’s advice for people experiencing OCD on how not to let the news be a trigger, to Dr Jo Daniels’ piece on how to prevent anxiety about the virus from spiralling out of control.

If mental health is a spectrum, how do we give advice that doesn’t inadvertently harm people at the pointy end of it? Good advice can tip into something harmful if worries around it get out of control.

It was also Eating Disorder Awareness Week last week, and amongst the tips for how to spot an eating disorder, I recalled some research on food labels published last year.

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Thought intruders

Photo by: https://www.flickr.com/photos/peterharding/This week I wanted to push people down the escalator at London Bridge station on more than one occasion. I also had strong images of punching a man in the face who kept pushing his backpack into my legs on the 06.54 train from East Dulwich. The trains can be grim when they are especially crowded, but I have never actually punched anyone in the face, nor pushed anyone down the escalator. I have had these intrusive thoughts before though, just like about 80-90% of the non-clinical population (summarised nicely by Clark, 2005). Continue reading